The Tree of Forgiveness Bandana

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Notes from the designer, Daniel Wagner from Ambient Inks:
-Reference to Summer's End from the line, "The moon and stars hang out in bars just talkin"
-Pluto is in the background as well, referencing Lonesome Friends of Science
-Depicts the many references to clotheslines and metaphors carrying throughout John's music
-Moon and Stars in background
-Referencing the line from When I get to Heaven when John shakes God's hand
-Reference to John Prine's signature cocktail, with vodka and ginger ale
Dove and Snake
-The snake represents the wrongdoing from others, while the Dove represents forgiveness and compassion for those who had done him harm
Center Tree
 John's most recent album, with the sun and rays rising in the background, symbolizing there's a bright & optimistic future ahead.