American Siren (CD) - Emily Scott Robinson

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We are so excited to announce the signing of our newest artist, Emily Scott Robinson, and this lovely record! American Siren imparts stories of the sirens that call out to us in our everyday lives. With an ear for bluegrass, folk, and country, and her finely-tuned soprano, Emily delivers a collection of flowing melodies and lived-in lyrics that belong in the modern folk canon.

Get your copy of Emily's Oh Boy debut on CD right here!

Track Listing:

  1. Old Gods
  2. Things You Learn the Hard Way
  3. If Trouble Comes A Lookin'
  4. Let 'Em Burn
  5. Cheap Seats
  6. Hometown Hero
  7. Lost Woman's Prayer
  8. Every Day In Faith
  9. Lightning In A Bottle
  10. Old North State