Jason Wilber - Echoes (CD)

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“I wish Ray Charles was still alive so I could play him Jason's version of Paradise!” - John Prine

“...a master musician who found a voice to match”
- Peter Cooper

“He brought the crowd to pin-drop silence with his rendition of Leon Russell's A Song for You.”
- No Depression

You may know Jason Wilber as John Prine’s long-time guitar player. However, Wilber is a deft songsmith in his own right, whose works have drawn comparisons to folk and Americana titans, and even to John Prine himself. His album ECHOES features a wonderful version of John Prine’s classic song “Paradise”.

ECHOES is Jason Wilber’s ninth solo album and his first to focus on material written by other songwriters. The material here—and material is as lousy a word as can be conjured for such artful beauty—arrived in Wilber’s care seeming disparate and disjointed. It emerges seamless and certain. Songs from Leon Russell, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, John Prine, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, the Rolling Stones, Graffiti6, and others—are delivered with gentle invention by Wilber and producer/engineer Paul Mahern, with aid from drummer Devon Ashley on “The Game” and “Annie You Save Me.”

Track Listing:
1. A Song for You (4:48)
2. The Game (4:15)
3. As Tears Go By (3:02)
4. Coals and Water (3:50)
5. Oh You Pretty Things (3:26)
6. Echoes (4:27)
7. Annie You Save Me (3:53)
8. Edith And The Kingpin (3:52)
9. Overjoyed (5:00)
10. Paradise (4:48)
11. I Am the Cosmos (3:33)

Produced by Paul Mahern