John Prine - The Oh Boy Singles Boxset - OH BOY RECORDS

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*There is only 3500 of these limited edition, numbered jukeboxes made, so get yours now!*

Modeled precisely after Prine’s 1935 Wurlitzer Jukebox, the collection features the eight singles John released throughout his career on Oh Boy Records packaged in their original artwork!


  • Working lights that illuminate the jukebox (1 year battery life)
  • A booklet with a forward written by Jim Rooney
  • Two “Handsome Johnny” jukebox coins
  • A vintage Oh Boy Records catalog 
  • A Custom, heavy-weight Oh Boy Records & 7" vinyl adapter

1. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” / “Silver Bells”

2. “Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian” / “Kokomo”

3. “Space Monkey” / “Beautiful World”

4. “The Spotify Singles” (“I Have Met My Love Today” and “I Just Called to Say I Love You”)

5. “My Old Kentucky Home” / “Paradise”

6. “The Living Room Sessions” (“Unwed Fathers” and “People Puttin’ People Down”)

7. “The Kentucky Sessions” (“Kentucky Means Paradise” and “Paradise”)

8. “I Remember Everything” / “I Remember Everything (String Reprise)”