This New Century (Digital Download) - Dan Reeder


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Dan Reeder's 2010 album, This New Century, available as a digital download from Oh Boy Records. (Parental Advisory)

Track Listing:

1. Bitch Nation 
2. James Brown Is Dead and Gone 
3. Brain the Doon, Pt. 1
4. Brain the Doon, Pt. 2 
5. Beachball 
6. Angels May 
7. Long Ago 
8. The Walk to the God House 
9. I’ve Been Hiding 
10. Everybody Wants a Cookie 
11. Fireball 
12. Angels; Brain Cells 
13. Breathe in on the G 
14. She Won’t Even Blow 
15. The Weather Is a Dead Man 
16. Troubled Soul 
17. Maybe 
18. It Feels So Good 
19. This New Century 
20. Two Songs That I Know